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This week we have Lili from Lennon and Co. Love talking about Hawaii trips with this lady. Hopefully one of these days we both see each other there.

Name Lili Guild
Business Name Lennon&Co.
Products/Items you sell Bow Ties/Bows
IG Username @lennonandco


Can you tell us a little about yourself and what you do?
Currently a stay at home mom, running a bow tie accessories business. I left the corporate life of online advertising and have been juggling my daughter, Lennon and making bows.We are based in San Diego…previously Los Angeles and Hawaii (I think I only live in sunny locations!).

What inspired you to open up your shop?
While on bed rest with Lennon @35 weeks, I started making bows as a hobby. After giving them away as gifts and having people comment about having an online shop, I finally opened one up December 2013.
Lennon was the motivation to open up shop and is now an inspiration to continue to do what I love.

Do you work on your business full time or part time?
Part time

What was the first item you ever sold?
A Hair Bow

lennonandco2What do you love most about what you do?
Being able to see the babies who wear our bows grow. From their newborn photos to their monthly photos, our bow ties are a part of their lives and I get to see them grow into dapper babies!

Any challenges you have had to overcome to be where you are today?
Being able to juggle a mom and entrepreneur life! The balance between spending time with Lennon and working on orders to ship out on time for the customers is always something I juggle.

How do you deal with difficult customers? Any tips you want to share to other makers to keep them sane?
I usually take a few minutes between seeing their emails to actually responding because sometimes our emotions get in the way. Once I’ve mellowed out…I am able to provide a solution that works for both of us.

lennonandco3If you don’t have your business you have now, what do you think you would be doing instead?
I’d still be a stay at home mom….or maybe I would’ve gone back to work part time.

Do you have a team that helps you or you’re a one woman show?
A one woman show!

What three words you want your shop to be recognized as?
Modern, Stylish, Practical

What are your business related goals for 2016?
-Collaborate with a few additional handmade shops
-Get into more retail shops
-Participate in my first craft fair

lennonandco4How do you push yourself to keep growing?
I try to look at stats on a month to month basis to get a comparison and try to grow from the previous month.

Do you have any piece of advise to new small shop businesses that had just opened up?
Collaborate with other shops and network as best as you can.

One thing that no one knows about you
English is my third official language (Laotian and French were my 1st and 2nd)….but you wouldn’t even know b/c on paper and on the phone, I sound like a white woman! Haha!

lennonandco5Coffee, Tea or Soda (or wine? ha!)
Coffee in the am, soda at lunch, and wine anytime after 5 pm.

Do you listen to music or have a movie/tv series on while you work?
Listen to music for sure.

Biggest guilty pleasure Vanderpump Rules (ugh…gets me everytime)

Glass Half Empty or Half Full half empty…

Favorite Quote Do What You Love

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