18,000 acres RanchThe Ranch itself has been around for about 140 years. It is made up of 18,000 acres located at the foothills of the Crazy Mountains. The ranch is near Clyde Park, Montana.

In the mid 1980s, the third family that owned the ranch decided to move a few homestead cabins to a central location, hence the beginning of the town.

It is now owned and operated by Philip Morris (Marlboro). He bought over the ranch in the mid 1990s, they added in more buildings,rebuilt and refurbished the whole town to make it feel of an old cowboy town, set in the 1890s.

The Marlboro Ranch is extremely private property. You may only visit the Marlboro Ranch if you are invited.

What happens at the ranch

There are two different parts of the Ranch - a working cattle ranch with over 500 head of cattle (black angus and long horns) and a guest ranch, where folks get to experience some Marlboro-style hospitality. From action-packed, activity-filled days to kicking back in the Saloon at night, there's plenty for guests to do while they're out there.

Getting There

Each year thousands of guests come to Marlboro's Monta Ranch - they even pick up the bill, so it won't cost a thing. There are several different ways to get there. Some folks win a trip by entering a contest or sweepstakes, while other get an invite in the mail. This is the trip of a lifetime. A stay at The Crazy Mountain Marlboro Ranch is unforgetable.

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