At Marlboro Ranch, the adventure starts the second you step outside. Below are some information about their Winter Activities only. They of course have Summer Activities but I didn't cover any information about it here.

Winter Activities

Cross-Country Skiing - Head out through Montana's tranquil backcountry and get a feel for the great outdoors.

Your gears are skis and poles. Guests make their way across an open field toward the stream by the aspen grove. After a short-course on how to move using skis and poles, guests head out of town for some peace and quiet. You'll see some short-tailed weasels during this activity. They keep a busy schedule both day and night.

Snowshoeing - Take in the sights and sounds of a Montana winter, but first you have to master the walk.

You'll need snowshoes and trekking poles. Guests travel about a 1/2 mile east of Main Street until they reach the Hidden Meadow. You'll track across fields of packed powder and you'll find out how Montana got the nickname Big Sky Country. Snowshoe hares turn white in the winter months and are hard to spot on a fresh layer of powder. So watch out!

Ice Fishing - When the temperatures outside are this cold, there's only one place where the fish are still biting - eight inches below the ice.

You'll be given heated huts, rods, reels and trout-cathing lures for this activity. It takes place at the Rainbow Lake. You'll sink a lure in the chilly water and wait to rell in the catch of the day - cutthroad trout!

Dogsledding - Take the reins and get ready for a high-speed ride through their wide open spaces.

This was one of the activities we picked.

They'll take you to the Southeast - facing slope of Elk Mountain. You'll get a feel for how to guide these cold-weather-loving canines, and enjoy a breezy ride across a pasture blanketed in snow. You'll see mountains in every direction, including the Bridger, Crazy and Absarokee ranges. The route also overlooks the Rainbow Lake.

Wilderness Tour - Enjoy a wild ride in an SUV and get up close with some real Montana Locals.

You'll aboard an all-terrain vehicles with binoculars and plant/animal identification charts. Guests are taken on a journey through some of the Ranch's more remote parts. You'll walk away with a better understanding of the kinds of plants and animals that make the Montana home.

For our experience, we visted Yellow Stone.

Snowmobiling - Guests get to ride through their 18,000-acre backyard on a snow-eating machine.

Their machines carry 600 cc's of power. You'll go on the foothills of the Crazy Mountains. Wide-open spaces, tree-lined turns and all the excitement of great outdoors is what you'll experience. Try not to let the flying snow get in the way of spotting a deer or a moose, which are know to hang out along the trail.

Adventure Trek - Guests get to soar 550 feet across our frozen mountain-steam-fed creek.

Your gear: snowshoes, GPS devices, ziplines, harnesses, pulleys, cables and helmets. You'll trek through the high country, then gear up to take a quick trip over Rock Creek. You'll also wander through the wintry wilderness using a GPS device. Then you'll take an exhilarating ride through the treetops on their zipline. Guests will soar past golden eagles and red-tail hawks as you make your way across Rock Creek from 150 feet up.

Tubing - Ease back, kick up your feet and let gravity take its course.

You'll have snow tubes, snow suits and skiing helmets all provided by Marlboro staff of course. You'll tube on the Tubing Hill located outside the Main Gate on Elk Mountain. There's no better way to take in the majesty of the land than with an easy ride down a wide-open, snow-covered hill. You'll be able to vew a blur of mountains and pines as you make your way to the bottom of the hill.

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