One of the most asked question after we got back from the ranch was..."So apart from cigarettes, what else did you guys get from from Ranch?".

Well, we expected free cigarettes, a cowboy hat and boots since we had to give our hat size and shoe size a few weeks before we left for the ranch. Little did we know that there were many many other gifts waiting for us at the Ranch.

Oh before I forget, contrary to popular belief, no, there is no free flow of cigarettes at the ranch. Each person is given 5 packs (see pic below) and they could redeem another extra pack at the Saloon or Livery. So each person gets 6 packs. I think that is MORE than enough for a 4 days 3 nights trip. If that's not enough for you, I think you seriously need to seek some professional help.

Here is a photo of some of the gifts that we got the moment we arrived. Many people in various forums commented that we should not ruin the 'surprise' by revealing the gifts that we get. Well, I don't know about you but I am generally a curious person and I would want to know what I will be getting before arriving at the Ranch. So, if you don't want to ruin that surprise, stop reading now.


For the rest of you, here are some of the gifts that you will be getting from the Ranch.

First up is head gear.

We received the black caps with the Crazy Mountain Ranch logo about two weeks prior to the trip. It came with the plane tickets and other travel documents.

It was really handy at the airport, it helped us pick out all the other people from the crowd, who were also going to the Ranch.

The other is of course the cowboy hat. I'm not familiar with 'cowboy apparel', but from what I read, it's a pretty decent hat.

The style is called Cowboy (Model #0575) and it's made by Stetson. The quality is also pretty good, it's a 5X felt quality. I also found out online that those hats don't come cheap. It was going for about $170 a piece!!

Since they already sent us a cowboy hat measuring tape one month prior to the trip, the hat fits pretty good most of the time. If it doesn't fit, you can always exchange it for another size at the Activity Barn. Another cool thing about the cowboy hats is that they have people who can shape the hats for you. We didn't have our shaped though.

Since we went during winter, we never got some cowboy boots. We did however get snow boots as you can see from the picture earlier. It was made by Columbia Sportswear Company.

They also gave us two really nice and heavy ashtrays with the Crazy Mountain Ranch logo on it and also two Portable Litter Device (PLD).

We also got 2 black and red colored luggages before we went to the ranch.

I wish I had more photos to show you but I guess I got too excited when we were there that I sometimes forgot to take pictures and just enjoy the moment =). But here is an impressive list of goodies we got:

  • 2 - 60 minutes prepaid phone cards
  • Columbia Sportswear Company snow jackets and nylon waterproof jacket
  • 2 sets of thermals (long sleeves and tights)
  • 2 sets of gloves
  • 2 neckwarmers
  • 2 sunglasses and sunglasses straps
  • 2 digital cameras
  • 2 lip balms
  • 2 zippo lighters
  • 2 Crazy Mountain Ranch ashtrays
  • 2 Crazy Mountain Ranch pins
  • 5 packs of cigarettes
  • 2 sets of smart wool socks
  • 2 leather backpacks
  • 2 bandanas
  • travel key chain set with compass, temperature, clock, etc.
  • 2 stamped postcards
I think I got it all. Gear like snowmobile suits, helmets, ski goggles, and ski bibs were provided for use in the Activity Barn. Below are some photos taken right outside Activity Barn.


Marlboro also wants you to take home as many memories of the ranch as possible with you. Hence, they also gave us two leather photo albums (pre loaded with a few photos of the ranch) and two leather address books. They also pre printed our names and contact details on little stickers, so that we can exchange them with our new friends that we made at the ranch.

They took a group photo the 2nd day and gave a copy to each of us in a frame on the last day along with an address book and photo album. With the address book, they printed up stickers w/ our name, address, phone, and email to exchange with people we met on the trip.

So apart from getting a free trip to the Crazy Mountain Ranch, we also came back to loads of gifts from Marlboro! Great activities, great ranch staff, great gifts and great food.

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