I was invited for a fully paid trip to the Crazy Mountain Ranch, sponsored by Philip Morris. We went on the winter 2008 (end of January). It was one of the best 4 days 3 nights of our lives! We saw all the beautiful scenery that Montana had to offer. So sit back and take a ride with us, as we bring you inside Marlboro's Crazy Mountain Ranch!

This photo above is the view out from our plane window.

This next picture above is a part of the Rocky Mountains and it separates Bozeman and Clyde Park (where the Ranch is located). The view from the plane was just breathtaking, the vast plains and the rocky mountains. I guess it's "Welcome to Montana!".

Upon arrival, we saw a few cowboys in red shirts and tan hats, standing arms akimbo with big smiles, waiting for us the moment we got out from the plane. Yup, those were the friendly guest relations staff from the Ranch!

They told us not to worry about our luggage and that they will take care of it. The next time we will see our luggage will be in our room, at the Ranch!

They then brought us to a special room that had a "Private Party" sign out front. Yup, that's when the party begin...and it went on for 4 whole days!

We had to fill in some forms and once that's done, we could help ourselves to some nacks and chill for a little.

Once we were done with our food, we piled into a huge motor coach for the 1 hour ride from Bozeman to the Crazy Mountian Ranch. It was a really pleasant ride in the big windows motor coach.

The scenery was just breathtaking, with the rolling mountains and beautiful countryside. The guest relation staff made the ride interesting by pointing out interesting sights and telling us all about Montana and the Ranch.

After about 45 minutes or so on the bus, the motor coach pulled off the main road and we saw the famous Crazy Mountain Ranch gates.

After clearing security (yes, security is tight here at the ranch), we were finally in! As we made our way down the road, the Marlboro theme song came on. With the Crazy Mountains ahead of us, 2 guys on a snowmobile merge from the horizon while we were still on a motor coach riding the snowmobile side to side with us while we head towards the ranch. It was definitely a surreal experience.

What a welcome to the Crazy Mountain Ranch. From that point, it just gets better and better. Lots of food, fun activities and gifts!

Check out this page to see all the gifts we got from Marlboro.

While we were staying at the Ranch we were allowed access to the bar, we were indulged with massages.

We ate spectacular meals. Breakfast included everything you could hope for, buffet style. We could eat lunch at the Ranch or if our activites were planned at lunch time we were provied a box lunch. Snacks were always available. Dinner was always a wonderful event.

Entertainment was provided at Meals. We really had a great time!

Everything was meticulously and seamlessly organized. They had thought of EVERYTHING and then some! The staff is amazing. They treat you like royalty. We didn't have to worry about a thing.

The Marlboro Ranch staff puts on a great Party. You can go to Yellowstone, skiing at the Bridger Bowl Mountains, Snow mobiling, snoe shoeing, ice fishing are other great activites. Your stay at the Ranch is action packed. It is really unreal that you can have so much fun in a matter of a few days.

If you are lucky enough to get an invitation to the Crazy Mountain Marlboro Ranch, be prepared for the trip of a life time. Words can not describe how fun this trip is. I will never forget the fun my husband and I had here.

I hope to return again someday. It really is the adventure of a lifetime! On top of it all, we met a ton of great people from all over the country .

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